Project meeting in Japan

20170303_135325From the 24th February to the 5th of March the second Japan project meeting took place in Nagano. Several things were concluded ans discussed:

  • The cbook on congruence. The content, including screencast movies, were finalised. One particular challenge in this, not all of it resolved, was the translation of the books. The core content was fairly straightforward, but especially the movies and the integrated feedback (as this doesn’t show always show up, because it is conditional to what a student does) pose a challenge.
  • The two articles under construction. One draft comparative article on the role of differences in the curriculum (geometry) was reorganised. A further article on the design of the congruence cbook and trialing of it in our countries’ classrooms also was drafted.
  • lecture_Japan_2017I gave a public lecture to students of the maths education faculty and various other teachers. The materials and slides were posted here. The lecture was presented in English but one student -who had studied in Edinburgh- helpfully translated ‘on the fly’. A draft article on the topic was distributed, as well as print-outs of this open access article.
  • We attended one day in Tokyo for the Japan Society of Mathematical Education. The day consisted of two full ‘Lesson Study’ sessions with Japanese students and teachers.20170304_153817
  • We also visited the Nagano ‘beta’ fablab.20170302_172931
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